Stile der Stadt, Ein Projekt von Filomeno Fusco und Dirck Möllmann


Videopanel 2011

February 19 – 27, 2011

Altonaer Museum, Hamburg



3rd International Festival for Video Art Hamburg

Feb 19th – Feb. 27th, 2011 at Altonaer Museum, Hamburg
Opening Feb 18th, 2011, 7 pm, Museumstraße 23

The global financial crisis began with the American real estate market. In September 2008, it collapsed like a house of cards. A dire economic situation is a popular argument for justifying cuts in the “luxury good” of culture. The house, however, is a space where culture and economy have always been closely interwoven. In ancient Greek, oikos, originating from the hearth, means the family – as the centre of life. Later on, the name also referred to the farmyard and larger buildings for meetings. The museum, as we know it today, is an invention from the 19th century, and it is facing increasing economical pressure.

For the third Videopanel – this time on the theme of Haus/House – the Altonaer Museum was initially one option among several venues. When the Hamburg senate planned to close down the museum, our decision to let the festival take place in this very museum was confirmed. All the artists involved also regarded this as an interesting situation, since it automatically raises the question of how we ought to deal with the institution of the museum in the future. Therefore, we will not only present contemporary videos about the subject, but also the whole house in its cultural-political situation. The Videopanel provides an artistic platform for political arguments, but in a more subtle way than protest banners. This commitment to contemporary art in the context of a historico-cultural museum indicates what a cross-boundary cooperation can look like. Given the sometimes slightly old-fashioned interior of the museum, an interaction is not restricted to art alone. The audience will always associate the video images and sounds with the precarious situation of the house and, in the back of their minds, also the urban development of the quarter. Contemporary video art will shed a new light on the museum’s collection.


Ulf Aminde (Berlin, D), Guy Ben-Ner (Tel Aviv, IL), Ulla von Brandenburg (Hamburg und Paris, F), Sébastien Caillat (Saint Vincent de Mercuze, F), Jeanne Faust (Hamburg, D), Franz Hoefner/Harry Sachs (Berlin, D), Volko Kamensky (Hamburg, D), Lærke Lauta (Kopenhagen, DK), Stephan Mörsch (Berlin, D), Christoph Rütimann (Müllheim, CH), Hans Schabus (Wien, AU), Corinna Schnitt (Braunschweig, D), Mark Wallinger (London, UK).