Stile der Stadt, Ein Projekt von Filomeno Fusco und Dirck Möllmann


Videopanel 2011

February 19 – 27, 2011

Altonaer Museum, Hamburg


Ulf Aminde

Ulf Aminde *1969 in Stuttgart
lives and works in Berlin

Exhibitions (selected) (S – Solo; G – Group)
2010 Viel Glück und Erfolg!, Städtische Galerie Nordhorn (G)

2009 PLAYING THE CITY, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt (G)
2007 Strasse ist Strasse und keine Konzeptkunst, GAK Bremen (S)
2006 Von Mäusen und Menschen, 4. Berlin Biennale (G)

Awards and Fellowships (selected)
2010 Berliner Senat Arbeitsstipendium
2008 Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn, Arbeitsstipendium
2006 Autoren- und Produzentenpreis des Jungen Theaters Bremen
2004 Nafög Stipendium


Mini DV, PAL, transferred to DVD, colour, sound 11:43 min.

Courtesy Tanja Wagner

We see still images, sometimes only black colour, switching to the clicking of a computer mouse. Are we looking into a flat, or is the photographer looking at her own pictures? If so, we would suddenly be in her place. Such a shift is feasible, but hardly noticeable. The tower block complex. Its front photographed from diagonally below, it keeps hold of the viewer, leaves him at the mercy of the architecture. Hurry, the next image, and so on. Views of places that do not look inviting. The inside of a flat, shabby and run-down. But the rhythm of the images changes again. They stay a bit longer, sometimes they start to move. A woman lives in those rooms with her three rabbits. The camera quietly and discreetly observes what she does, from various perspectives and distances. She never leaves the flat, her monitor and the internet are always in use. Ulf Aminde creates spaces in-between where we meet unusual people. He constructs situations that sometimes emit the austere flavour of theatrics and failure. Despite the invalidity of shallowness, the camera nevertheless does not become an accomplice of quick judgments. If you take a closer look and are willing to feel what is happening, you will see the dignity of this life, recorded in its own four walls – like the house, the body, or public appearance. In observing the other, you will finally feel your own values disturbed.