Stile der Stadt, Ein Projekt von Filomeno Fusco und Dirck Möllmann


Videopanel 2011

February 19 – 27, 2011

Altonaer Museum, Hamburg


Lærke Lauta

Lærke Lauta *1974 in Copenhagen, Danmark
llives and works in Copenhagen, Danmark

Exhibitions (selected) (S – Solo; G – Group)
2009 Lærke Lauta, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, USA (S)
2008 The Accident, Saint Louis Art Museum, USA (S)
2007 Krieg der Knöpfe, Dänemark; Landesgalerie Linz, Österreich (G)
2006 Hun mødte sig selv, Vendsyssel Museum of Art, Dänemark (S)
2004 Dreamhouse, Home Gallery, Prag, Tschechien (S)
2003 7th International Photography Gathering, Aleppo, Syrien (G)
2002 Artgenda 2002, Biennale für Junge Künstler der Baltischen Region, Hamburg (G)


2008, HD, 2-channels, colour, sound, 6:30 min., loop
Director of photography: Martin Munch

In her 2-channel video projection Lightsleeper, Lærke Lauta focuses on the moment when sleeping turns into waking up. The two projections show, in tranquil images with intense colours, one and the same young woman. She is in a state of neither sleep nor wakefulness, filled with dreams that are indistinguishable from reality. While the woman in the left projection leaves her bed and the house and sleepwalks into the garden, which is full of dawn’s twilight and the sounds of nature, the woman in the right projection sits up and stares directly into the garden where she also wanders around. She opens her eyes and sees an outside that seems like a continuation of her sleep. The house offers no more protection, it becomes porous, the outside world comes in, inside and outside interlock. The view through the windows, as well as the mirror images, show us moments of transition. The simultaneously projected images interweave and merge. Whatever happens in the background of one image is emphasized in the other image. However, Lauta does not provide a narrative. The transition from sleep to wakefulness seems to be associatively connected with other states of transformation: gender relations, the experience of nature and in nature, growing up. Finally, the woman lies down – on the bed and on the sofa – closes her eyes – darkness – and opens her eyes dreaming that I’m dreaming that I’m dreaming.