Stile der Stadt, Ein Projekt von Filomeno Fusco und Dirck Möllmann


Videopanel 2011

February 19 – 27, 2011

Altonaer Museum, Hamburg


Christoph Rütimann

Christroph Rütimann *1955 in Zurich, Switzerland
lives and works in Müllheim/Thurgau, Switzerland

Exhibitions (selected) (S – Solo; G – Group)
2009 Vermessen. Strategien zur Erfassung von Raum, Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur, Schweiz (G)
2007-2008 Der große Schlaf und mehr: eine Werkschau, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, Thurgauer Kunstmuseum, Schweiz, Kunstmuseum Bonn (S)
2004 Ich will das du mir glaubst, 9. Triennale für Kleinpastik, Fellbach (G)
1993 Schiefe Ebene, 45. Biennale di Venezia, Chiesa San Stae, Italien (S)

Awards and Fellowships (selected)
2007 Kunst und Kulturpreis der Stadt Luzern
2005 Internationaler Kunstpreis des Landes Vorarlberg
2000 Prix de la Fondation d’Art graphique de la Suisse


2010 Handlauf Prime Tower; Video HD 9:16, 31 Min., Loop
2006 Handlauf Karstadt Altona; Video SD 4:3, 10 Min. Loop

Courtesy Galerie Mai 36, Zürich

“How does the world present itself to me?” is one of the most important questions in Christoph Rütimann’s art, which is always connected with the concepts of line, surface, and space. Both videos address this subject in a striking way that affects the body. In Handlauf Prime Tower and Handlauf Karstadt Altona, he moves past the edges of the respective buildings, or past their interior, with a camera fixed on a trolley. He creates a visual and auditory profile of the architecture and the space surrounding it. In Handlauf Prime Tower, the camera speeds across pipes, edges and other parts of a building shell. From the ground to the upmost storey that can be reached, the camera explores the highest building in Switzerland, currently under construction. It thus creates a three-dimensional architectural drawing of this prestigious object of a Swiss investment company. The focus is on the picture’s background, so that the viewer follows a line that continues into space infinitely, yet is always interrupted. Cuts are determined by the length of the edges. Relentlessly, our gaze is guided close to the surfaces and then immediately torn away again. The periphery of the image seems to slip away. The trolley – which is not muffled – and the various surfaces create noises that merge with the noise of the construction site. The result is a monotonous and monumental sound structure. In the video Handlauf Karstadt Altona, the Karstadt building in Hamburg-Altona, built in the 1970s and now about to be demolished, is filmed in the same way.